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1. Greeting from the Dean

A greeting from the Dean of IMCTS.

2. About our Majors

At IMCTS, we have two majors available: the International Media and Communications Major, and the Tourism Creation Major. Here are messages from the dean of each major.

3. About our Divisions

Within the International Media and Communications major there are three divisions. The Tourism Creation major does not have any division. From each division information page, there are links to each head professor's webpage.

4. Academic Staff Profiles

Access the profiles of each academic staff member.

5. Education Aims and Admissions Policy

Information about IMCTS's education principles and admissions policy.

6. Industry Professional Courses

Information about our Industry Professional Courses. Courses for future professionals run by present-day professionals.

7. Syllabus

Using the online syllabus search system, users can peruse IMCTS's course offerings.

8. IMCTS Panflet

Download the IMCTS information panflet here.

9. Admissions Information Leaflet

Download the IMCTS Admissions Information Leaflet here.

10. Organizational Structure

A visualization of the IMCTS organizational structure.