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Student Life

Student Life

1. Student Research Rooms

Introducing our student research rooms, where every IMCTS student is allocated space to study and research.

2. Advisor System

Introducing IMCTS's characteristic Advisor System.

3. Mature Students

Information about our Mature Student admissions policy and study environment.

4. Study Period Extension

Information regarding extended study periods for mature students.

5. Available Qualifications

Information about qualifications/certification available at IMCTS.

6. Overseas Study Program

An introduction to our study overseas programs.

7. Assistant Lecturer Program

Introducing our Assistant Lecturers; support for students.

8. TA and RA Information

Information regarding Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant positions at IMCTS.

9. Funding Assistance

Information about IMCTS funding available to current and prospective students.

10. Student Counseling Service

Information about the Hokkaido University Student Counseling Service.

11. Health Management

An overview of how students can look after their health while at IMCTS.

12. Student Blogs

A selection of blogs run by students of IMCTS.