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Announcement of Job Opening


July 7, 2016
Yoshihiro Yamada, Dean
Research Faculty of International Media and Communication
Hokkaido University
Announcement of Job Opening
To Whom It May Concern:
Hokkaido University is pleased to announce an opening for a non-tenured faculty position in either of the two following fields: a) language and communication or applied linguistics (teaching Spanish), or b) tourism studies. We ask that you kindly recommend suitable candidates as well as widely share the following information with colleagues and others whom you feel may be interested.
1. Position
A full-time non-tenured assistant professor in the Research Faculty of International Media and Communication, Hokkaido University.
2. Duties
(1) Conducting research in the Research Faculty in either one of the following divisions:
a) the Division of Linguistic Communication or the Division of Language Acquisition, conducting research on language and communication or applied linguistics (teaching Spanish)
b) the Division of International Regional Culture, conducting research on tourism studies
(2) Teaching and graduate student guidance appropriate to one’s specialty, in the Graduate School of International Media, Communication and Tourism Studies, Hokkaido University.
(3) Teaching Spanish as a foreign language to undergraduate students, as well as teaching other general education subjects (these courses should be considered equivalent to conventional foreign language courses or other general education subjects traditionally taught in Japanese universities).
(4) Performing other administrative and committee duties necessary to the smooth functioning of the Research Faculty.
3. Contract Commencement Date (Scheduled)
April 1, 2017
4. Term of Office
The initial term of office is for three years, pending upon which it may be extended for another two years dependent on evaluation of the applicant's work achievements. Alternatively, the position may be transferred to a tenured one after completion of term (including second term), dependent upon evaluation of the applicant's work performance.
5. Qualifications
(1) Doctoral degree (or expected obtainment thereof in the immediate future), or possession of equivalent ability
(2) Non-native Japanese speakers must possess the ability to conduct courses in Japanese as well as to smoothly carry out administrative duties in the Japanese language.
(3) Possession of the ability to conduct lectures in English
(4) The ability, characteristics and attitude to proactively contribute to the internationalization of the Research Faculty. The potential for positive engagement in international educational and research exchange with foreign universities. Possession of the experience of having organized international research conferences/symposia or of having presented multiple times at such events is desirable.
(5) As work duties vary widely, candidates of a flexible and earnest nature who will proactively and positively engage in work-related duties and responsibilities are desirable.
6. Application Materials (should be written in Japanese)
(1) Resume (include your date of birth, home or work address, phone number, email address, as well as a photo)
(2) List of publications and presentations, including monographs, journal articles, competitive grants obtained, etc. List separately those publications in refereed journals and those which are unrefereed articles or conference presentations/proceedings. Include a 100-character summary in Japanese or a 50-word one in English for all publications other than those in (3) below.
(3) At least two, and no more than 3, main samples of your research.
(a) Attach an approximately 1000-character summary in Japanese for each.
(b) Candidates who have completed their doctorate, or are currently in the process of review of a completed doctorate, must attach a copy, along with a 1000-character summary in Japanese.
(4) A scanned version of the degree certificate of the highest degree obtained.
(5) A statement, in approximately 2000 Japanese characters, outlining:
(a) your research to date
(b) your future research plans
(c) your perspective on research ethics
(6) A statement, in approximately 1000 Japanese characters, of your previous teaching achievements as well as future teaching aspirations should you be hired by Hokkaido University.
(7) Contact details (name, affiliation, title, email address, telephone number) of two referees.
*Sent materials will not be automatically returned. Those wishing for the return of their application materials should include a self-addressed return envelope with the appropriate postage affixed.
*Short-listed candidates will be requested to come to Sapporo for an interview and a mock lecture.
7. Application Deadline
Wednesday, August 31, 2016 (Materials must be received by 5:00 PM, Japan Time)
8. Address to which Application Materials Should be Sent

〒060-0817 札幌市北区北 17 条西 8 丁目
研究院長 山田義裕

Please inscribe 「研究院言語・観光分野教員応募書類」 on the face of the envelope in red ink and send by registered mail.
*Contact Information: Shinobu Suzuki, Professor, Hokkaido University
Please title the subject line of the email message “研究院教員公募関連”, and send inquiries only in Japanese.

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