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Research Projects

Research Projects

1. Research Support

Information about IMCTS's Young Researcher's Program and Fixed-Term Assistant Lecturer Program.

2. Project Practicum List

Information about past Project Practicum's held at IMCTS.

3. Overnight Research Seminars

Information about IMCTS's special overnight research seminars.

4. Library and Student Resource Room

Information about the IMCTS student resource room, databases, and documents etc.

5. Center for Eastern Asia Media Studies (CEAMS)

Information about IMCTS and CEAMS joint research ventures.

6. List of Past Master's Theses

Recent Master's theses produced by IMCTS graduates. (in Japanese)

7. List of Past PhD Dissertations

Recent PhD dissertations produced by IMCTS graduates. (in Japanese)

8. IMCTS Academic Journal

Information about the peer-reviewed IMCTS journal, published in-house.

9. Student Research Journal

The IMCTS student-produced research journal.

10. Academic Staff Listing

Links to blogs run by IMCTS academic staff.