• OKAMOTO Ryosuke
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    Culture and Tourism


Sociology of Tourism

Class Content

Culture and Tradition Transformed by Tourism Media

When a place becomes a tourist destination, it does not only mean that the number of people visiting it will increase. In Japan, World Heritage sites have a great influence as a tourism brand. However, the process from the preparation for registration to post-registration involves socio-cultural selection and bargaining over what is worthy of World Heritage status and what is not.
Making a place into a tourist attraction is nothing but the editing and staging of these cultures and traditions. In my class, we will focus on the factors behind the process of making a place unique as a tourist destination, and how the transformation of a place into a tourist destination affects the consciousness and experience of the hosts and guests, and acquire basic knowledge in the fields of sociology, anthropology, tourism, and religious studies.

Brief Outline of History & Achievements

Born in Tokyo in 1979. Received a doctorate in literature from Tsukuba University. Specializes in sociology of religion and tourism. Works include Edo Tōkyō no seichi o aruku (Walking the Sacred Sites of Edo-Tokyo) and Pilgrimages in the Secular Age: From El Camino to Anime.

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Japanese Association for Religious Studies, Japan Institute of Tourism Research



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Sociology of Tourism and Traditional Culture