• ASANO Yuki
    Associate professor
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    Language and Communication
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Psycholinguistics, Speech perception, Experimental Methodology, Statistics

Asano’s research has focused primarily on how our experience with languages and music shapes our perception and production of spoken language. Specifically;
- how we learn the sounds and sound structures of our languages,
- how we store and access them when needed for language use,
- how the working memory is dependent from languages acquired and,
- how it influences our speech and music perception.

Methodologically, Asano mainly uses psycholinguistic behavioral experimental methods including eye-tracking and EEG.

Asano’s teaching expertises include:
- Experimental Methodology in Psychology and Psycholinguistics
- Statistics
- Speech Perception, Storage and Production
- Language and Music Acquisition
- First and Second Language Phonetics and Phonology
- Language Testing Theory

Yuki Asano conducted the research for her PhD in the psycholinguistic Group at University of Konstanz, Germany under the supervision of Bettina Braun. After receiving her PhD, postdoctoral fellowships followed at University of Tübingen and Nagoya University. In 2016, Asano was granted the Jung Fellow at Akademie der Wissenschaft und Literatur | Mainz. In 2019, she took up a full-time professorship at Kobe University (W1 equivalent), and at Hokkaido University (W2 equivalent). In her earlier academic career, Asano received her Master degree in Second Language Studies with special focus on Language Testing Theory at Ruhr-University Bochum under the supervision of Karin Kleppin and Rüdiger Grotjahn. Asano completed her Bachelor study in German and Japanese Linguistics at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.